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Why we should not wear belts for back pains?

Today we can see several people wearing neck bands and back belts for back pains and neck pains. We must know the possible adverse features behind that.

back pain belts

Our bio-energy should spread all the parts of our body without any tightening or obstacles, like how the wind spread over the world with easy and natural manner.

Our heart, small intestine, spleen, stomach, lungs, large intestine, kidneys, urinary bladder, liver and gall bladder are our important inner organs, which are being the control centers of our bio-energy system.

In that our kidney and urinary bladder’s energies are managing and influencing the important body parts of ours. The entire rear side ranging from nape of the neck, spinal cord, lower back areas, thighs, knees, hind legs, heels, and foot are managed by the kidney and urinary bladder’s energy.

urinary bladder meridian

ub meridian

Acupuncture science explains the theories about our energy body in a very clear manner. If you see the picture, you can find that the energy meridians of urinary bladder spread all over the rear side of our body.

So we must understand that the kidney and urinary bladder’s deficient energy flow through its energy paths or meridians is the root-cause for neck pains, spinal cord, and lower back problems, back pains, knee pains, nerve related issues like varicose veins, heel pains etc.,

People who are using belts for their neck and back pains should clearly understand this concept and have to look for a permanent and natural solution for their problems instead of wearing belts as a temporary relief.

Finding the root cause and solving that will be the right approach to get a permanent settlement for every problem or disease. Looking for a temporary solution by focusing only on the effects of a disease cannot be a secured and intellectual approach. The pent-in root cause will intensify its essence and always look forward to exhausting that from the body through many ways which we call it as waste elimination and that might cause us new discomforts. So we must aware that, unknowingly we are only creating the basic reasons of a new disease.

Particularly wearing belts for back and neck pains will cause an unnecessary tightening and obstacles in the urinary bladder’s energy meridian which may disturb the organ’s natural functionality and also affect the self-healing ability of our body.

We may be heard a common advice that we should not wear tight clothes, especially tight inner wears. The reason behind this is all about our body’s energy flow. So we should not disturb our bio energy’s natural and easy flow by wearing tight dresses.

Today we can see many youngsters wearing tighter dresses like jeans and other fashion bands in their wrists. These things may cause many health issues silently.

Once again I am insisting that wearing belts for neck and back pains is only a temporary solution. So we should look for a permanent and natural solution for those problems.

Instead of addressing the root causes of a disease, the modern medicine has habituated us to get satisfied and settled with only the temporary solutions.

Suggesting to wear spectacle for eyesight issues, recommending to wear belts or to undergo surgeries for back and neck pains, prescribing lifetime medicinal intakes for diabetic and thyroid conditions, suggesting organ removal instead of curing that are few examples of that.

Finally, we have to think and find an ideal way to get cured of our illness. As an acupuncturist, I strongly recommend ‘Indian classical acupuncture’ treatment to get root cause cure for all physical and mental illness.

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