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What is Acupuncture treatment? and treatment process

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Like the Air, water and food, the cosmic energy is also essential for a human system. This energy is absorbed into the body through sweat pores (acupuncture points) present all over the body. This energy travels throughout the body and energies our inner organs. Unnatural foods and stressful lifestyle creates stagnancy and blocks in the energy flow, due to which various diseases begins to occur.

With Acupuncture pulse diagnosis a low energy flow can be detected and with a thin needle or our finger tip, pressure is given on specific points which allow the body to absorb the cosmic energy. This energy helps to resolve the disorders.


Acupuncture system has effective diagnosing concepts such as Listening to patient, observing the symptoms physically and mentally and Pulse diagnosis, etc., These diagnosing methods helps to choose the right acupuncture point. Proper diets will play a vital role in the energy production (Digestion) in our body which can help for a speedy recovery. So the diet advice session also placed in the treatment process.

Four steps of the treatment processes are,

Listening patient and observing the symptoms will be the first step in the treatment process.

Pulse diagnosing will be the second and important step in the treatment process which can help to get a clear idea about the internal energy levels and disorders.

Choosing only one right point and needling is the proper Indian classical acupuncture, according to my understandings from its philosophies.

The most common thing in the diet advice session will be observing the appetite and thirst. Patients will be advised to respond the body's needs accordingly, (i.e) eat only when you have hungry and drink water (Only water) only when you have thirst. And don’t avoid or postpone the natural needs of the body (Intakes:Food, Water), (Excretion: Urine, Phlegm, Stool, etc.,).


Weekly once or Monthly twice and Minimum of 10 to 12 visits are the recommended treatment sessions. This timeline may vary for chronical issues. Continuing or discontinuing the treatment are the sole freedom of a patient.

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