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• The insulin level of any human varies 18-20 times in a day. The test is conducted only once with a drop of blood from the blood which flows throughout the body and gets purified every time. How can we say that the treatment based on such a result is correct?
• Then, the treatment based on the urine test which says 2+, 3+ and 4+ also is not correct. Just think of it, like this. Urine is an excretion of our blood. That is, when the kidney functions properly, it excretes the wastes. The treatment based on analyzing theses wastes is also not correct. Our body will not excrete anything without reason. Urine is a liquid waste from the body.
• Also, you need to understand the fact that no human or laboratory test would be able to say if the glucose which is found in the test is good or bad. Another thing to understand here is that in spite of having sugar level between 300 to 400, if he/she may not be having any difficulty as faced by diabetes patients in that case, it is good glucose. While, if one has sugar level between 80–120 but is still experiencing diabetes related symptoms, then it is the glucose of poor quality doing the rounds. Our body should excrete that bad sugar through urine.
• The diabetes patients should excrete more urine. This is the treatment. When we excrete more urine, we become lean and exhausted. For our safety, kidney secretes lifesaving Adrenalin hormone. Now, in order to avoid wastage our pancreas stops secreting insulin.
• If we become exhausted the Glycogen – concentrated sugar which is saved throughout the body and liver is let into the blood to save our life. Now, the sugar level would be 300-500. On seeing the sudden upsurge in sugar levels, people start taking insulin out of fear. That will be the starting of diabetes.
• Even the digestion of water into minerals would be affected by diabetes. Such a state is called diabetes.
• You need not bother about whether the sugar level is high or low in your blood or urine.
• Whatever natural form of food we consume is not harmful, i.e. the food does not give us disease. If we change our food habit, we can save ourselves from poor glucose and prevent the disease.

The new diseases(the side effects) of taking insulin for diabetes are as follows:

1. Low sugar level.
2. Obesity, Blood Pressure (BP).
3. Bad Cholesterol increases.
4. Itching on the skin (allergy).
5. Even after taking any level of insulin we will not be able to control the anti-bodies.
6. Black spots on face and ankle joints.
7. Our body (kidney and liver) fights to excrete the chemical wastes from our body and this finally ends in dialysis treatment.

Diabetes cannot be cured by any medicine or medical methods, because it is not a disease, but malfunctioning of our digestive system. Only changes in lifestyle and food habits can prevent our body from Diabetes. Acupuncture can induce more energy to our digestive system and help cure diabetes.

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