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Diabetes (sugar) is not at all a disease, only disorder; it is rather a problem of indigestion.
• Are you taking drugs, tablets and insulin injections for a long period now?
• Is the sugar level not within control?
• Have you got high BP and cholesterol along with sugar?
• Has the dosage of drugs and injection increased from the initial level?
• While testing though the sugar level is reflecting within normal range, but are you still experiencing symptoms of diabetes?
• Are you exercising without interest for the sake of doctor’s compulsion?
• When you are bold enough to take the drugs, tablets and injections then why should you be scared of appropriate food?
• Food is the boon given by nature. Do you think nature can harm you in any manner? Can food be toxic?
• If diabetes disease affects once, does it mean that you will have to take medicines forever? Then, does it also imply that diabetes is incurable forever? Or, is it that you have not understood everything about this disease?


• The disease we call as sugar, i.e., Diabetes, is a disease that is shattering the whole world, as it is being advertised in a way that is frightening people.
• Hereafter you need not be worried about the false sayings, such as, if you get Diabetes then you have to be very careful, eat “controlled diet”, be under strict care, etc. It is also often heard from healthcare marketing experts, that, if you get diabetes, injuries will not get cured easily, eye sight will be affected, chances of heart attack will increase, legs might have to be removed, kidneys will get affected, and also, it may be passed down as hereditary ailment.
• Diabetes is not a disease that comes in a day or in a few weeks or in a few months but, appears due to the malfunctioning of our digestive system for over 5 to 10 years.
• Diabetes is not a water borne or airborne disease. It is not spread through viral or bacterial infections or spread through mosquitos, houseflies or animals or birds. Moreover, it is not a hereditary disease for those who lead a healthy and normal lifestyle with strong digestive system.
• No one can contradict the fact that the reason for most of the serious issues in the world is usually a little carelessness. Diabetes is a perfect example of this.
• We all know that diabetes brings along several other diseases. So, is diabetes can be treated, so can all other diseases be cured.
• It is commonly accepted that Diabetes is due to the non-secretion of insulin in pancreas. But, does Pancreas stop secretion of insulin all of a sudden……?

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