Before Treatment Notice

Things to be followed and remembered before and during the treatment.

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Indian Classical Acupuncture is an unique style of treatment method that needs a lot of understanding to conceive its treatment and curing processes. I strongly advice to read and understand the following instructions before undergoing Acupuncture treatment.

Here are the important instructions to read before starting Acupuncture treatment

1. Acupuncture treatments are not only to treat the disease, but to find the root cause of the disease and cure it completely. Hence recovery will happen step by step only.

2. Acupuncture believes that diseases occur only due to erratic energy levels. Through acupuncture pulse diagnosis, the disorder can be clearly understood and treatments will be given accordingly. Hence there is no need for blood, urine, Stool or DNA tests and reports.

3. Previous Operations, Transplants, Birth Handicaps, Root canal treatment or if any form of metal plates have been placed in the hands, legs, backbone etc. due to fracture, should be informed to the doctor before the treatment starts.

4. Tablets, tonics, injections, special food/ food products should be avoided or slowly reduced while acupuncture treatment process.

5. The Acupuncture treatment provides high energy to our inner organs to cure the disease. And that in turn removes harmful toxins from our body. After such treatment some people feel uneasy, but there is nothing to worry about, it will subside slowly. This is a good toxic removal method and signs of improvement.

6. Our body will only remove harmful toxins and does not disturb the good cells. For example, fever, head ache, sneezing, vomit, excessive sweating, watery eyes, frequent urinating, Mucus coming out, abscess breaking, excess blood during menstruation, white fluid coming out etc. are toxic removals from the body. Patients must understand this clearly.

7. If there is any discomfort due to the toxic removals, doctor’s advice can be sought and accordingly food habits and emergency treatments can be taken.

8. There are no food restrictions; food for hunger and water for thirst should be taken. Only the food that is not suitable for your body needs to be avoided.

9. Sour foods will affect our digestion and our digestive organs, hence during the treatment, sour foods like tamarind, Idly and dosa’s made from sour batter, Sour curries, milk, curd, sour fruits, pickles, Bakery foods ( bread, biscuits, cakes. pizza, burgers. cookies) refrigerates food (Rice, sambar, rasam, cool drinks) etc should be avoided.


After Acupuncture treatment, we can realize that the disease is getting cured as given below, according to the laws of Dr. Hearing.


The symptoms of the patient moving from top to bottom are a sign of progress that the wastes are being removed. For instance, one has got headache. After treatment if the pain moves down to the chest, stomach, legs, etc., it is a sign of recovery.

One another example would be much simpler. For an individual affected by measles, the eruptions start in the face. After the treatment as they start disappearing, new eruptions may appear at the chest, stomach, etc. these new appearances are not considered as an upsurge. People in the villages will say it as, the disease is getting down.

This is known as the symptom of healing - moving top to bottom.


The symptoms of diseases moving from inside to outside of the body or from the centre to the edges are also a sign of recovery.

One person has got pain in the centre part of the chest. If the pain moves left side or right side after treatment, it is a good sign of recovery.

In the same way, if there is a problem in the inner side of the body – in the internal organs and if it moves towards outside – skin, hands, legs, etc., it is also a sign of recovery.


Problems shifting to most important organs to less important organs. All problems caused in the five most important organs of the body, when shifted to sub-organs are the signs of the disease getting discharged.


If a patient had some skin problem and he was cured by some therapy, but then he started experiencing joint pain, which too was cured, and now he has asthma. . .

After the acupuncture treatment, the newly diagnosed asthma will ger cured. If the earlier problems (joint pain and skin diseases) start to appear, we should clearly understand that all these signs are the indications of root cause cure from old serious disorders

The diseases suppressed earlier are cured in the reverse order by this rule.


The change of location of the symptoms from one part to another part of the body is a good sign of recovery.

Change of pain from one part to another and change of cysts from one place to another are signs of elimination of wastes. Likewise, ‘change of place’ can be understood as ‘change of intensity’ as well.

Change of nature of discomforts after the treatment is also considered as ‘change of intensity'.

The continuous joint pain becomes intermittent joint pain, sometimes increasing and then decreasing, having disappeared and then reappear all of a sudden, change of the nature is also referred to as ‘change of intensity.


After treatment, if the difficulties and the discomforts are reducing, it is not necessarily a good sign.

After treatment, during the first one or two days the problems may reduce and again return back to earlier stages. It is natural to see sudden surges during the course of treatment.


It is a good sign when the problems increase while undergoing acupuncture treatment because accumulation of waste is the cause of disease. There will be increase in problems only for a few days when the wastes get discharged.

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