Blood Pressure

Acupuncture's explanation about Blood pressure

Blood pressure is not a disease related to heart.
What is the function of the blood?
To give the necessary energy (food) to each cell! The necessary speed and pressure required to circulate blood all over the body is given by the heart. This is in the normal circumstance.
Let us consider an organ that is affected or is under-performing. This organ needs enough pure energy (glycogen) to recover. From where does it get this energy? Only through blood! There is an emergency to supply energy (blood) to the particular organ. Now the heart gives the required pressure so that the blood reaches the organ.
When does this heart rate and pressure reduce? When the requirement is met!
Is blood pressure a disease or is the stagnant waste and affected organs a disease?
Is heart the cause for increased blood pressure? No. But we induce drugs for reducing BP in our body to moderate the function of our heart.
However, when our immunity will increase, again the blood pressure will rise, but intake of synthetic drugs will try to suppress it. That is when are situations of fluctuating blood pressure level is recorded.
If we diagnose disease with the help of machines or equipment, we will never be able to find and end the disease. Equipment can detect only the chemical changes in our body.
… Hunger is a basic sensation – do we have an equipment to detect it?
… Pain is a symptom of disease. Can it be found out or categorized by any equipment man can make?
… In the name of treatment, we inflict different methods of suffering on our body. All these are tolerated by our soul! The modern medical practice can never see or understand the soul.

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