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Acupuncture approaches Diabetes in a natural manner by ignoring the serious concepts from all other medical systems. It relating every health disorder including diabetes with the internal energy flow of the whole human system.

The malfunctioning of digestive system in our body is the main reason for diabetes.

•Instability of the body, confusions, stomach ache, shrinkage of intestines, wheezing, tiredness in face, joint pains etc. are few of its symptoms.

• Uncontrolled, un-administered food habits.
• More importance given to taste and consuming more food with pungent, sweet and sour taste.
• Eating same kind of food, for a long time continuously without any control.
• Taking food when there is no appetite and not taking food when there is appetite.
• Consuming food without chewing it in our mouth or distinguishing the tastes in the tongue.
• Eating late night.
• Eating enormous amount of food without considering the digestive capacity.

• Controlling urine and motion for a long time.
• Uncontrolled lust and bad habits.
• Experiencing prolonged worry, fear, anger, etc.
• Having negative thoughts.
• Doing no physical work.

• The important part of digestive system is our stomach. Due to its weakness i.e. due to the malfunctioning of spleen and colon low quality glucose, the last nutrient from food is produced. Continuous production of low quality glucose causes pancreas to stop secreting insulin. The glucose in the absence of insulin is unable to enter the body cells and the level of glucose increases.
• The discarded bad Glucose circulates with the blood. We test this blood with bad and increased level of glucose.
• When we take tablets and insulin to control glucose level we inject artificial insulin into the body and make the low quality glucose enter into the body cells without removing it from the body. Now, the sugar level will be within the limits 80 – 120. But, the effects of diabetes will remain.
• In order to make pancreas to secret insulin, we need to induce good glucose. For this, our stomach should get proper digestive capacity.
• Insulin is given only when the digestion is completely out of order and body does not absorb glucose. In this case when insulin is administered, the body becomes completely dependent on synthetic insulin. The effect of insulin will be with us even when we would like to leave insulin.

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