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According to Acupuncture philosophy, the human system is ruled by five inner organs which can be called as king organs, they are, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidney and Liver. Whatever the physical and mental illness we have, the root of the problem must be those five organs only.

Here are the most accurate health facts of Acupuncture we need to remember and understand.

• Brain tissue, as well as root like nerve spinal cord, gets separated into several branches from the bottom of the waist line to the tip of the finger. It is pervasive for all nervous system tissue. It is kidney that protects from the bottom of the brain till the tip of the spinal cord.

• It is kidney that keeps our bones and teeth stronger.

• A person’s body should accept all kind of food substances. If it doesn’t suit his body it means that his liver and spleen maybe affected.

• When the liver becomes weak, the bitterness, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue in limbs, loss of appetite, etc. will start to appear.

• When the liver is in a weak state, uterus power reduces. In this situation the toxic substances start mixing up, affecting, both mother and the child. In this situation, the child growing in the uterus gets most of the disease (Hereditary Diseases) from its mother.

• Hernias, Uterine discharge, Piles, all of these reflect the excess heat in the spleen.

• Because of the weakness in the kidney the functioning of the uterus and ovaries are affected. Resulting in white discharge, over bleeding, sudden obesity of the body, especially in the hip area, stomach area, thigh area, excess fat, nervous weakness, mental depression and the like.

• When proper digestion fails to take place in the mouth (tongue), teeth get damaged. Sores appear again and again in the mouth.

• If there is indigestion problem in the stomach, it leads to gas trouble and also formation of ulcer in stomach.

• The problem with the secretion of mother’s milk and all problems with regard to chest are because of the problem in small intestine.

• Work of the liver is to see that, all the food we eat gets digested in a good manner and dietary toxins are removed without the fat remaining in the blood tube, spreading the good blood throughout the body. Till the liver functions well there is no place for any cholesterol problem.

• The main task of the heart is to administer the blood flow by increasing or decreasing the level, as it is required by each organ.

• For the color and strength of the teeth, strong functioning of the lungs is very essential.

• If a girls first teeth fall at the age of 7 years she will attain puberty at the age of 14 years, and will be getting the maturity of becoming a mother at the age of 21 years. If the teeth fall at the age of 6 years she will attain puberty at the age of 12 years and she will get the maturity of becoming a mother at the age of 18 years.

• If skin temperature control element is not working in full swing then the moisture in the skin gets lessened and becomes dry.

• Passing of urine without ones knowledge, urinate on at night while sleeping suggests that renal functions have to be determined immediately.

• If the stomach’s power has lessened then the food that we eat will not get digested and from that ‘gases’ will be released and we will be belching after that. The taste of the meal you eat will be exposed in that belch.

• If we don’t get fever when we get certain disease, it means that we have weakened immunity power, and that, the certain disease is not going to leave us for lifelong.

• The main cause for all diseases is improper digestion of food.

• If there is more secretion of saliva, it means the teeth have got affected. Soon it will lose its strength. If saliva flows from the mouth and wets the pillows when one sleep, it means one is losing strength in his “Stomach”.

• When the functioning of the heart reduces one will get frustrated and the thoughts like involving in gambling, and earning money by shortcut means, lie, jealousy, deceit, revenge would trouble him. Knowing that it is bad one still gets addicted to the drive of the mind to do the same.

• Energy produced in the kidney, provides power to motor the organs like lung, spleen, liver, heart and others.

• As long as there is immunity in the body it will indicate the symptoms of any disease we acquire. If because of the side-effects of drug, our immunity is suppressed, then it would create a dangerous situation where we shall not be able to feel the symptoms of the disease.

• The wisdom tooth that grows behind the molars after the age of twenty five years is related with the kidney.

• The dry skin formed in the feet called cracks are due to decrease in power of our kidney.

• When the milk teeth grow in babies, but are not in symmetry, rather in different angles, we should immediately comprehend that the kidneys are weak.

• If, in particular, front teeth falls before the age of 7, then it reflects weakness of the lungs and spleen.

• When the wisdom tooth grows, there is pain and discomfort in mouth. But if it is accompanied with pain in the ears, it indicates that kidneys are not strong.

• When biting or tasting sour food or mango, if the teeth and the eyes together glare (we get tears from the eyes), it indicates that the eyes and teeth are affected.

• If a person says that his body doesn’t have the energy or if he is feeling sluggish, and always feels tired, then it indicates that the warmth in his body is affected, that is, the operating energy is less in his body.

• It is not good to eat food for taste when you are not hungry as it affects the digestive organs that are otherwise functioning well.

• Only for those whose stomach and the spleen are damaged, suffer from the disturbance caused by mucus, asthma, sinus, allergy.

• Without correcting the functioning of the lungs, bladder problems, or the loss in the kidney functioning cannot be cured.

• Through pulse testing we can find out what disease we are going to get in future. We can remove its characters immediately.

• Without knowing the reason and the root place of the disease, we cannot prevent or cure a disease.

• Damage is caused to the organs due to the effects caused by the disease. Removing that organ means removing the effect of that disease.

• Disease means, which is formed in one area but is affecting other parts of the body. Its reflection and reaction covers the whole body.

• The muscles formed on the grilled side of the chest, armpit, armpit folding, shows the weakness of the organs like intestine, heart.

• If the front portion of the chest is larger or it seems to be in excess or if it is small in size, its hows the reduced functioning of the stomach and intestine.

• If you have more flesh on the side folds at the waist, it represents the reduction in the functioning of the spleen.

• Worn out nails of the leg thumb, brittle nails, or developing as hard nails shows that the spleen is affected.

• White line on the thumb fingers, nails becoming black, nails growing hard and flat, getting wound in the inside portion of the nails, indicates the reduction in the functioning of the lungs.

• The taste of the food should gives peace to the heart and satisfaction for the mind.

• When bad food substances go into small intestine, we get stomach ache or enterorrhea. The body itself discharges such a toxic substance.

• When the bad food enters the blood and gets mixed up despite small intestine’s resistance, it would cause red rashes in the skin and allergy and itching too.

• When the skin becomes dark it means we should realize that the energy in the kidney and liver is stagnant.

• When the bad food substances get stagnated in the small or large intestine, we will have the feeling of going to the toilet each time we think of going out somewhere or even when we eat something.

• It is the kidneys strong energy that is the reason for proper functioning and growth of the uterus, ovaries.

• Eventually, when the liver functioning becomes dull, the brain struggles in decision making. The speed and confidence which was there earlier, starts reducing. Some start experiencing-fear, anxiety, insomnia, depression, inferiority complex etc. when faced with dilemma of liver function.

• When the liver loses its power and even crosses the level of being in the lurch and starts to crash, pressure in the head, dizziness, paralysis, brain damage, heart attack and like occurs.

• Blood red eyes, frequent eye irritation, burning in the eyes, long site, etc. reflect the excessive movement of liver.

• When the energy of large intestine reduces it leads to constipation, stool holding a long pass, not having the satisfaction of passing stools completely, there will be heaviness in the lower abdomen and you would always have the urge to pass stool and the pressure will continue to be there.

• If a person suffers tiredness after sexual intercourse, fatigue, body pain, arthritis, pain in the hip, then his kidneys and liver are not in uniform motion.

• When a normal female girl, after attaining puberty, becomes thinner or puts on more weight, then the uterus would fail to get stable power and it can be understood that it would flounder in its motion.

• If pain exists in the lower back at 5 o’clock in the morning, it is the pain in the spine of the colon due to lack of power in the large intestine.

• The first thing, a person experiencing problem in the large intestine faces, is that, one will not be able to get up early in the morning and would feel like sleeping for some more time.

• Experiencing a tremor in the body at around 8 o’clock in the morning; the body getting stunned, with eye sight getting faded are the symptoms of low energy in the stomach portion.

• Sometimes when the body swells up at places, but experiences no pain in those parts, then it can be safely comprehended that it is related with gas. By treating the lungs, this swelling can be reduced.

• Pains and swellings can happen in any part of the body. But depending on the kind of disease and knowing the functioning characteristic of the internal organs when the treatment is given, the disease can be cured.

• If we experience pain in the knee area, or swelling, ranging failure, or pus from the ears or pain in the ears, or deafness of ears it indicates the decline in the functioning of the kidney.

• Within six months of attaining puberty, monthly cycle should take place regularly and at smooth pace. If it is not stable even after six months, then you should clearly understand that the woman's renal function and uterus does not have enough power.

• When the ligaments lose their strength and become tired the internal organs like, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, colon all these organs lose control of their standard configuration.

• All of our organs and cells and each measure are getting destroyed, and at the same time they are being replaced by a new one also.

• It is the salivary gland around the tongue that has the power to operate each part of the tongue.

• Weak kidneys and uterus are responsible for frequent miscarriages.

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