How to get cured from Diabetes

Few important guidelines to lead a life without diabetes and its effects

cure from diabetes

• Proper Acupuncture treatment.
• All tablets, medicines, insulin injections have to be stopped gradually.
• Eat only when you feel hungry.
• The food should be consumed after munching it well.
• Water should not be taken while eating. Water could be taken after half an hour.
• It is better to eat food with all six flavors (tastes).
• Supper should be taken between 7 and 8.
• All sweet fruits have to be taken with little control.

• Stop eating if you get belching while eating.
• Eat food without any urgency and with lot of patience.
• No separate physical exercise for diabetes.

• You should think and be clarified of the sayings ‘Eat only when you are hungry’ and ‘If you consume food after munching well you will be able to live 100 years’ (a tamil language proverb).
• Avoid drinking water or eating food between 9 and 11 a.m.
• Avoid eating food while conversing or watching TV or reading a book.
• Deep sleep is necessary between 11.00pm and 3.00am.
• No diet or quantified intake is required. Eat when you are hungry and eat slowly whatever you like, till hunger goes off.
• Don’t check the sugar level in blood or urine. Try to feel the changes and problems in the body. Don’t become depressed out of fear after seeing the test results.

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