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Accumulation of wastes and Elimination of wastes

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Acupuncture treatment's specialty is "the root cause cure". Accumulation of wastes in the internal organs is disease and Elimination of wastes from it, is cure is the strong statement and the core concept of Indian classical Acupuncture.

The following are the details of how accumulation occurs and how to get rid from it.


• Suppression of hunger and thirst :
Suppressing the natural hunger can cause, instability of the body, confusions, stomachache, shrinkage of intestines, wheezing, tiredness in face, joint pains etc.

• Suppression of sleep:
Suppression of sleep will cause heaviness in the head, eye pain, giddiness, dumbness, ulcer, GB stone, hairloss, stress, angry etc.

• Suppression of sperm:
Suppression of sperm can cause fever with joint pain, chest pain, and diabetes and gastritis problems.

• Suppression of urine:
By suppressing urine, we will get ulcers in the urinary tract, joint pains and gastric problems.

• Suppression of vomiting and sneezing:
By suppressing vomiting or sneezing, all the five sense organs will get affected.

The wastes get deposited in the internal organs of the body because of the unnatural diet and habits. We call discretion of waste a disease.

Living without violating the nature and allowing the elimination of waste after accumulation is the only way of getting relieved from the diseases.


• Drink water when you feel thirsty.
• Don’t drink water when there is no thirst.
• Eat when you feel hungry.
• Don’t eat when there is no hunger.
• Don’t be awake when you feel sleepy.
• Don’t work when the rest is needed.
• Don’t over-do hard physical work.
• Don’t behave in contrast to the normal thoughts.
• Don’t take in excess flavored food (tasty food).
• Usage of Tobacco, beedi, cigarette, and consumption of alcohol type of drinks etc. should be avoided


Every one of us goes in search of medicines only after getting the disease. We never think of about the root cause of the disease. So all that which is called as disease in the body like all kinds of pains, tumors, irritation, itching, asperity, allergy whatever it could be it is important that we need to observe these three things:

Food Consumption and Drinking water:
Thirst and appetite (hunger) should naturally be there in human body. The feeling of no thirst, loss of appetite is the first symptoms of the disease. Hence we must first realize whether we have hunger and thirst.

Rest and Sleep:
If the digestion is normal after intake of any food then there shouldn’t be any problem. Sleeplessness and mental stress and getting dreams often, then even this indicates that there is some problem in the internal organs of the body. A normal person requires 6-8 hours of sleep.

Elimination of waste from internal organs:
Like how food and rest is important for our life, likewise elimination of the waste is also very important. That is, if there is any problem in passing of urine, stool, sweat, or in case of irregular menstrual cycles for women, it is also an important reason indicating the existence of disease. For any type of diseases, you have to just comprehend on the above three important causes and heal it, only then you can be free from all the ailments.

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