Skin and Hair Care

Acupuncture's explanations about skin and hair problems

“Among all the creatures in the world, the only creature whose skin cannot be removed from the body is human alone.”
The human skin plays very important role in maintaining our health. It gives life (prana) to the internal organs; and maintains the heat and cold. Most of the excretions of the body and the dead cells are expelled through the skin. The skin diseases like dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, erysipelas, erythema, icthyosis, impetigo, ring worm, sycosis, shingles, psoriasis, dark circles, and blemishes in the face and around the ankles are all nothing but the excretions of the wastes of our body. When cooperation is not provided for this and on the contrary we intake medicines or applying it on the skin, these diseases disappear from that spot but appear in another weak spot.

Why excretions? How can we save ourselves from diseases?
All those who are afflicted with skin diseases have to be convinced that the prolonged constipation and cold are the reason for skin diseases. To treat constipation, you should take food only when you are hungry. Adequate intake of natural fruits should be administered.
Medicines taken for ordinary sneezing, cold, and cough convert them into asthma; when more medicines are taken to cure asthma it finally develops into skin diseases. The itching sensation along with severe pain and irritation should be treated immediately with some medicines. Till they are treated, you should avoid milky food, deep fried oily food, and crunchy snacks. You need not use special soap or powder.
When there is more itching sensation, you should not scratch but rub slightly. If needed, apply coconut oil. Germs never cause skin diseases. The germs found in the prolonged skin diseases are not the cause of it. No skin disease is contagious.
In Acupuncture science, our lungs give power, safety glow and immunity to our skin. Based on pulse test, the point of acupuncture for the lungs should be selected and acupuncture treatment should be given. Prolonged constipation, prolonged asthma and all kinds of prolonged skin diseases can be cured without taking any medicine or tablet, or food supplements or blood, urine, stool and sputum examinations.

The role of acupuncture in hair care:
Generally our lifestyle in this materialistic world is fast paced. Most of the medical practices have said that the hair starts falling because of change in the place, change in water, chemical shampoos etc. On the basis of acupuncture medicine, our kidneys, bladder, gradually set in the power of their source. Our kidneys have unlimited energy.
The low share of energy flow causes hair fall, rust, dandruff problem, white hair at young age, breaking hair (Dry) and itching on the head etc.

Precautions to be taken:
1. Should have 6-8 hours of sleep at night.
2. Try to avoid chemicals, shampoos.
3. Avoid using air driers (hair drier).
4. Avoid usage of hair dye to hide white hair.

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