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Things to remember always to live a healthy life

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Human body is an ultimate wonder. We can understand and realize the secrets of our mind, body and soul, when we align with its ultimate source. The following are the simple Acupuncture secrets for a better clarity in all aspects of health.

  • A person’s character depends on the strength and weakness of his five major internal organs.

  • It is only our stomach that forms the sole cause for many diseases in our body.

  • Human body has natural feelings. So sugar, BP tests are not necessary.

  • Excessive physical labor and sleeplessness weaken the liver and gall bladder.

  • The main reason for Thyroid disease is only our weak stomach and kidney.

  • Getting ill and getting cured, depends only on the nature of life power.

  • If you want to control (or) cure any disease you should first know the root cause of that disease and should cure that.

  • Eating food just for taste when there is no appetite will affect the functioning of the digestive organ.

  • If you have a refined mind, then you will never need any medicines.

  • Uterus, gallbladder, appendix, Thyroid, Tonsils and the like organs have different senses. Don’t become a patient for the whole life by getting surgery performed and removing parts of body.

  • When we consume natural food our body will not have any negative effect.

  • Life power is the power of Mother Nature. That energy has been spread throughout the body.

  • Frequent scans, X-ray, blood tests and other similar tests affect our body health to a larger extent.

  • For all the diseases that come immediately (Acute Disease) no better medicine than fasting is available in this world.

  • Skin and liver are the only organs that cure themselves very fast.

  • When you sneeze, or when you have cold or cough you have to avoid milky food.

  • Lying down in the bed for a long time would weaken our lungs.

  • A human has the capacity to cure any disease that affects him/her.

  • Determination of mind is the one that protects a person’s life from diseases.

  • To set us free from the wrong lifestyle our body creates a stage called the disease.

  • Snore sleep disorder implies the lessening power of motion of our respiratory organs.

  • When you start liking sour taste more, Please realize that your liver is getting spoiled.

  • Should sip and drink tender coconut water, various kinds of fruit juices so that the lips get wet. (Do not drink using straw)

  • Sufferings from all diseases are only the effects of the disease and not the disease itself.

  • Chemically produced foods, nutrient packed powder, vitamins, calcium, iron tablets and soft drinks etc. are against the nature of the body.

  • Our skin unites us physically and mentally and makes us feel and act together.

  • Those who do not have proper digestion should not drink milk.

  • The quantity and quality of saliva will differ according to the food and taste.

  • The germs are only a sign of diseases It by itself is not the cause of the disease.

  • All those diseases in the world do not come to kill people Instead they come to make them healthier.

  • To the extent possible don’t increase the flavor of the food in excess.

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