Ways to be Healthy

Acupuncture’s essential tips for a healthy life

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Being healthy becomes simplest thing in the world with the understanding of Acupuncture. Acupuncture insists to align and sync with the nature and natures of human system. The following are the essential tips for a healthy life forever.

1. Body’s need such as hunger, thirst, sleep, rest… should be fulfilled. Lifestyles associated with natural habits should be practiced.

2. Taking food at a particular time and as per taste is absolutely wrong. Should eat only when you feel hungry and drink water when you are thirsty. When you feel hungry after 8 pm, you can take fruits which do not have sour taste, or liquid food or water.

3. Night time is for resting. A deep Sleep from 11.00 pm to 3 am is very essential.

4. It indicates a healthy body when the wastes (stool, urine) are discharged early in the morning between 5.00 am and 7.00 am.

5. Need not categorize the foods with the nutrition concepts i.e (Calcium, Iron and Vitamin, etc.,). Eat the food you like and eat patiently till your hunger subsides.

6. Do not follow all the medical advice given by others. Accept only those which will suit your body and that your mind accepts.

7. More physical work, travel, mental agony, will harm the body gradually.


• We should not use anything as a medicine which can’t use as a food.

• Whatever the disease be it would not be caused by germs and for sure it will not be cured by any medicines.

• Germs are only the sign of disease, and strictly not a reason for the disease to occur.

• Eat food when you are hungry. (We should have food only when we experience hunger, and not just to satisfy the taste buds)

• The food we take does not cause any disease but the way we eat is what causes the disease.

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